December 10, 2019 | 08:24 am
Still snowing, another few inches at lower elevations and probably added another 6" up high in the last 24 hours with snow still falling. Last 2 days put down close to 18" new above 9,500 ft. Some great Colorado weather, keep it coming! The most recent two inches is beautiful dendrite crystals as air temps were cooling up high. Video from Gravel at 10:15pm, tracks from today no longer exsist. Time lapse from last night is almost the same, just a different type of snow falling. Snow is getting very deep in areas no has tracked out yet. Roller balls falling from trees were all too common tonight, although didn't move the small slide just north of Stillwater Pass. Sliced the way through Kauffman Creek tonight. Cut or pushed off about 2 dozen trees down on the trail, or hanging/ leaning into the trail, and buried many more. There is a logging project going out of Kauffman Creek Kiosk this winter, just to the west of intersection "V," we groomed to their plowed road. The plowing ends about 1/2 mile from Hwy 125. Some very deep spots south of intersection "U" where it's super shady right now, 13 gallons of deisel/hour deep. The one thin area is by Illinois Pass trailhead, amazing amount of willows showing compared to everywhere else on the mountain. Groomed all of Stillwater Pass rd to Idleglen. Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park controls the opening of the town trail and as of Monday 12/9 were waiting for more snow to open. We'll let you know any updates here. You can be first tracks tommorrow in some nice snow, get up here and ride it! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
December 09, 2019 | 08:06 am
Beautiful! Saw so many different types of snow fall tonight. Constantly changing in moisture, size, density, type, speed, intensity, noise, in and out of clouds and more. At times just dumping. Makes for some crazy snowpack conditions with cracking evident tonight, be on your toes! Time lapse from Gravel showing clouds and very dusty snow. I’d say 4" in Idleglen, with maybe double up high and to the north. Snow depths are highly variable. Some areas saw some bonus snowfall, differing amounts even in the same meadow. There was some wind, didn’t think there was enough to make this difference though. Tonight groomed Stillwater rd, through Gravel, and down to Pony Park meadows. Up Pony Park trail, down North Supply Loop and South Supply (looking great for Dec. 8th) to the Forest Border. Back up South Supply and groomed Kawuneeche to Idleglen. While you may hear from me every report, but other people are also out helping with the trails, and this is just from today. Ted Kelly swapped eight intersection signs today and road around straightening poles and signs. Nick Hanson at On The Trail Rentals has been sending snowmobiles out to pack rocky trails that don’t have enough snow for the snowcat yet. Thanks to both and any other unsung helpers I haven’t mentioned. Snow is piling up, especially at elevation, get up here and ride on a fresh snow Monday! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
December 09, 2019 | 08:04 am
Here's a map to help with early season trail conditions: Blue lines are being groomed regularly. Yellow lines are packed by many snowmobiles. White lines are single track snowmobile right now. We should be getting Kauffman in the next 2 days though.
December 08, 2019 | 07:32 am
Parking down the road from a fully loaded parking lot in Idleglen on a great Saturday to ride, thanks to everyone for coming! Hot Dog park was packed out from many riders having fun. Although still untracked lines that could be seen from the windshield in many other areas. Warm and partly cloudy today at all elevations. At 12:30am it's 26° with clouds crowding out the stars and wind picking up late. While sunnyside low elevations can feel a warm days effects, snow up high is still nice, especially above 10,000 ft. Tonight groomed all of Kawuneeche rd, South Supply to the creek (down to the Forest Border tomorrow,) and North Supply Loop trail. Down Pony Park trail, and grooming Gold Run as the southern access to Gravel until we get more snow to cover rocks betweeen "X" and "Y." Gold Run is in very nice shape. Through Gravel and groomed from Stillwater Pass to Idleglen. Getting rid of some downfall that wasn't cut quite wide enough in the summer. Not an issue now, but if hidden below future snow, in danger of grabbing the blade or tiller. Doing it before the snow is hip deep, but a few are still too high. Would be great to see some storm riding for Sunday! Groomer phone: (970 531-8872
December 07, 2019 | 06:09 am
Fresh snow put there for the tracking, getting better as elevation increases. Tonight it's 11° under a sky full of stars after a warm day. Looking to repeat the nice temperatures tomorrow. Snow can be a bit thin at lower elevations, please be gentle on throttle and brake to help keep our snow white, thank you! On Saturday, December 14th at 9:30am the Trail Host's will have a meet n greet at the Groomer Shed for those interested (call if you need directions.) Trail Host's can wear a vest while riding and assist with issues on the trail, helping confused riders, giving directions, etc, and report hours to our club monthly. If you'd be interested or have questions, we welcome you! Tonight groomed all of Kawuneeche rd to Chicken Hill and down Pony Park trail, using the meadows to get to Stillwater Rd. Up Gold Run (looking very nice,) which is being groomed as the southern access to Gravel until enough snow falls to cover rocks between "X" and "Y." Through Gravel, out to Stillwater Pass and back to Idleglen on Stillwater. Lots of rime ice on Gravel tonight makes for some great scenery. It seems quite attracted to the reflective border on the trail diamonds. Should be a good day of riding and playing in the snow tomorrow! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
December 07, 2019 | 05:32 am
Riding in the Grand Lake, Colorado region today. It's this good if you know where to look.
December 06, 2019 | 07:56 am
Grooming through the clouds and snow on Gravel at around 10pm tonight. First shift of night grooming, spotlighting through Gravel and loving it!
December 06, 2019 | 07:50 am
The Three Lakes area and into Idleglen received 4-6" of new snow with 8-10" up high and possible pockets of 12" up on Gravel. The high elevation feet of snow we had from last weekend is also still riding deep up there. Small waves of snow starting to form in Willow Park, 1st picture, and some trails didn't even see traffic today, 2nd picture. Get up here and ride some corduroy and fresh snow tomorrow like in the third picture! Tonight groomed all of Kawuneeche, South Supply to the Forest border, and North Supply Loop trail. Down Pony Park trail, and using Gold Run to access Gravel from the south. It will take more snow to cover the big rocks on the section of Gravel Mtn. trail between "X" and "Y" before can put the cat there. Through Gravel in the snow and clouds. Groomed Stillwater Rd. from the Pass to Idleglen. Gates open at Idleglen and at the end of Cty Rd. 492. New signs going up at intersections. Big thank you to board member Michael Sobon, and Forest Service employees Vicky Burton and Clayton Cornwell for doing a lot of work on this project. Much thought and many revisions have gone into these signs. Also have to thank Tom Metsa from Colorado State Parks and Wildlife for helping with funding the signs. Enjoy! Snow awaits, beat the weekend tracks with a great Friday ride! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
December 03, 2019 | 01:16 am
"Come fly with me, we'll fly, we'll fly away"
December 03, 2019 | 01:06 am
Sun in full force with the warmest post-storm day so far. A beautiful morning over the valley with low lying clouds under the Continental Divide in the first picture. Packed snow around Gold Run today, getting sings out at “W,” and clearing trees in the pictures. Gold Run will be the groomed southern access to Gravel until we get a good storm to cover the rocks for the cat between “X” and “Y.” Headed toward the wind drifts on Little Gravel Mtn. trail. Snow is good in the trees, but skinny in the open clear cuts. We’ll need another good storm to have the snow allowing shelf road creation and creek filling to get the cat around Kauffman Creek trail. The spine going up the south side of Little Gravel Mountain had great snow and no tracks! Completed poles around Gravel while reinforcing shelves and creeks. Up Pony Park trail to access North Supply Loop trail and pack it out for the first time this season. Met a couple of moose, a picture of the smaller one, but the big guy wouldn’t slow down enough to snap him. Back to Idleglen on Kawuneeche. Few riders out on Monday, tomorrow will also feature light weekday traffic, a good time to ride corduroy and fresh snow! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
December 02, 2019 | 12:47 am
First tracks heading to Gravel this morning!
December 02, 2019 | 12:25 am
Bluebird day in Colorado! Sun, powder, and no wind, even at the highest elevations; it was great for riding and playing in the fresh. Thanks to everyone that made their way to Grand Lake, vehicles and trailers parking down the road from a crowded Idleglen was a beautiful sight! Very appreciative of how patient everyone was with the snowcat when meeting us on the trail. If you missed today, still some beautiful snow to enjoy so get out and ride. Saw a couple of youth sleds out there, great to see some younger generations getting into the sport. Through Gravel today (first 3 pictures,) laying out shelf roads and filling creeks in gorgeous views and few, if any, tracks. Some recent slide activity in the 4th photo, the face of the lower deck was showing multiple cracks, one very fresh. Poles are complete on the north side to the groomed trail high point. The southern approach has every other pole, enough to navigate during daylight, and will be completed this week. Intersection signs are in place at “K,” “Y”, “X,” “P,” “I,” and “J” for the loop through Gravel. After Gravel, headed to Stillwater Pass and down the north side to Illinois Pass trailhead. Snow above Lost Lake turnoff is incredible, so shady back here this time of year. Only a few blown in tracks on the trail, last photo. Snow near Illinois Pass trailhead is thin however, didn’t have enough to fill the creek crossing into Kauffman Creek trail. Back to Idleglen widening all of Stillwater Pass road. We’ll be out tomorrow as well so keep your eyes open for us if your in the trail. North Supply Loop trail and Gold Run will get packed and signed, and poles will be completed through Pony Park. We’ll use Kawuneeche and Stillwater to access these trails tomorrow. Go make some tracks tomorrow! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
December 01, 2019 | 12:07 am
What a day to be on the mountain! Snowy and windy all day at upper elevations. Whiteout conditions above tree line, camera couldn’t figure out the subject (4th photo.) Rider reports of buried to the handlebars as low as Rob Roy Park. About 8-10” new in Idleglen, with 16”- 24” new at mid and upper elevations in the last 24 hours. The new snow rides deep. Please be aware that the snowcat is out packing, signing, clearing, and filling trails again on Sunday. We move very slowly and frequently stop to place signs, remove trees, fill creeks, etc. Please take it slow and keep your eyes open when on the trail. Riders were all great with the cat out toady, thank you! Will probably try to get through Gravel tomorrow, only made it to the lower deck on the north side today as fuel was going fast with snow almost to the windshield. May also try to get North Supply Loop (Christmas Tree) trail packed out. Gates open and berms are made in Idleglen and just below “A” on County Rd 492, using South Supply which is a bit thin below “A”, but rideable. Trails packed and cleared with signs and poles in place along Kawuneeche Rd through Hot Dog park, Willow park, Chicken Hill, and Pony Park meadows, with intersection signs from “I” to Idleglen. First mile or so out of idleglen can be thin, please be gentle on the throttle, thank you. Chugged fuel on the way to the northern approach of Gravel, (1st and 2nd photos) but no signs out here yet. Also went out to “Y” on the southern approach but, no signs yet. Kauffman Creek was ridden by Jeremy Mercier with a chain saw, and while not snowcat packed or signed, it is clear of trees, thank you! Tomorrow will be another great day, get out and enjoy the snow if you can! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
November 30, 2019 | 12:54 pm
Looks like it could alright today! Please be aware that the snowcat is out packing, signing, clearing, and filling trails. We move very slowly, and frequently stop taking up the entire width of the trail. Take it slow and cautious on the trails, keeping your eyes open for us, thank you! Should be an open gate in Idleglen leaving on Kawuneeche for everyone to enjoy the recent snow! Kawuneeche Road from Idleglen to Chicken Hill has signs in place and poles through Hot Dog and Willow park. We should also have the Stillwater gate open by the end of the afternoon as well. We’ll be heading for Pony Park trail today, toward the north side of Gravel and Stillwater down to Idleglen. Snow should be the best of our early season so far, just in time for the Saturday after Thanksgiving! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
November 27, 2019 | 05:29 am
Did we get any good snow from this storm ? Curious where to ride this week. Thanks !
November 26, 2019 | 01:29 am
Did we get any good snow from this storm ? Curious where to ride this week. Thanks !
November 23, 2019 | 03:01 am
Over the past two days, 3-4” of wet snow has fallen in Idleglen. Should be more up high, but as yet unverified. Will need a bit more Idleglen snow to get the cat out. Looking forward to the next storm, which will hopefully allow us to start opening trails. Snowmobile travel in our National Forest requires 6” on road surfaces and 18” to ride in open meadows and off-trail. Thank you to those who have donated to Grand Lake Trail Grooming through PayPal. If you’d like to help with our funding, find a link on our website at We’ll keep you updated on any condition changes, and post again here on Monday. Bring on some more snow! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
November 18, 2019 | 01:58 pm
Would love to see even just some of the snow like the Italian Alps is getting recently!
November 15, 2019 | 03:08 pm
November 15th, time for our first report of the season to the Colorado Snowmobile Association. We got snow in October, but November has been dry and sunny; this is forecasted to continue for maybe another week. Lower elevation south facing areas have lost much of their snow, while mid and upper elevations in the shade or facing north have held out better. We’ll need some more low elevation snowfall before we can begin signing and packing. Bring it on! While waiting for snow, we’re getting signs and poles repaired and bundled for deployment. Also flushing stumps and removing dead trees on one very narrow yet more popular trail to avoid damage and downtime to the snowcat and your snowmobiles. When trails begin to open, we’ll post opportunities for riders to assist with signs, marking gates, and clearing deadfall from the trail. If you’re interested keep an eye out here, thank you. Thanks to all who belong to a snowmobile club, and those on the fence, please join your local club. Higher member numbers play a part in increased funding, access and support for snowmobiling. In Colorado: It’s time for it to snow, Hard! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
October 31, 2019 | 01:02 am
Nice little three day snow event with about a foot around Lake Granby and up into Grand Lake. Very cold for October with 2° at sunset, and looking like below zero for tomorrow morning. Second picture showing the mist that's been rising from Lake Granby all day. I've heard reports of around 20" up high, and cornices with several feet of snow starting to form. Snow is very light and easily moved by the wind. It's still hunting season with gates open out of Idleglen and all other trailheads for summer season wheeled vehicle access. Snowmobilers have been out on some of the roads with the recent snowfall. Our grooming permit with the Forest Service doesn't start until the end of hunting season; the first day we could begin packing and signing is November 18th. Looking forward to a great season of snow and riding in Grand Lake! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
October 28, 2019 | 12:02 am
Thank you to everyone who came out to help with the town snow fence, and especially to the town of Grand Lake Public Works for sending two people to help. All of the fence was up within two hours, and poles finished later that day. Snow up high but not much down low yet, picture from Friday morning. Hunting seasons continue until November 18th when we can start packing and signing if snow conditions allow. Looking forward to some more snow to increase our early season base at elevation. Please join CSA or renew your CSA membership and include Grand Lake Trail Grooming as an additional club for $15, thank you! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
October 16, 2019 | 03:31 pm
We are scheduling to put up the snow fence in town on Friday, October 25th at 10am and welcome any volunteers. We’ll meet at the corner of Highway 34 and the Gateway Inn driveway. Bring work gloves and dress for the weather. Depends upon how many people, but usually takes about 2.5 hours. On Saturday, October 19th at 11am the Grand Lake Trail Blazers will hold their annual highway cleanup at 11am, believe the group will meet at the corner of Highway 34 and County Road 4. All help is greatly appreciated, thank you. A month away from the start of packing and signing trails if we've got the snow, and looking forward to it! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
October 16, 2019 | 03:07 pm
Snowmobile safety course offered by Mile Hi Snowmobile Club.
October 10, 2019 | 11:55 pm
A nice coat of white today at 8300' reminding us of the great season on it’s way! Snowmobile clubs are gearing up for winter; please become a club member or donate when renewing your Colorado Snowmobile Association membership. Conditions permitting, packing and signing can begin on parts of the Grand Lake trail system on November 18th. Looking forward to some snow and sledding!
September 20, 2019 | 12:20 am
Changing leaves contributing to a beautiful mid September in the mountains! Cool nights and warm days make for great weather to enjoy Grand Lake. We are looking forward to winter and continue getting ready for the coming season. Also got out into Blue Ridge for some cleanup on the climbs and through the meadows. IPhone 8 plus (probably) found at the bottom of one of the climbs, charges and powers on. If the owner is out there with the lock code, we can confirm it's your phone and get it back to you. Last picture of the day's haul. Snowfall is on the way, plan to visit Grand Lake this snowmobile season! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872