June 22, 2019 | 01:16 pm
It's Beautiful! Longest day if the year?... Let it snow! Gravel still blanketed, wonder where it gets rideable?
June 02, 2019 | 03:25 pm
Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park progress...
May 30, 2019 | 02:56 pm
We'd love to have you stay with us this winter!
May 26, 2019 | 02:54 pm
Avalanche debris fields near Grand Lake, CO at 9300 feet, May 25th, first two pictures face south.
May 26, 2019 | 02:19 pm
Grooming from the past, happened just 40 minutes south of Grand Lake in Winter Park. Check out that snow flying around behind them!
May 10, 2019 | 02:20 am
Thank you to Spring Fling, Brandon Tudizzle Cox, and all the participants for this incredible show of support! Dedicated and enthusiastic people like Brandon and all those involved in Spring Fling are pushing our sport forward. The incredible display of numbers in funds, sleds and participation serves to strengthen Colorado snowmobiling for everyone. The event is expanding each year and becoming an end of season ritual for some, come out next year and see what it's all about!
May 02, 2019 | 02:25 pm
"May the 4th be With You" Spring Fling, May 4th 2019, Rabbit Ears, Colorado! This is turning into a "can't miss" annual event for snowmobilers in Colorado, and word is quickly spreading to riders across the nation. Looking like it's going to be a great time on Rabbit Ears with some classic bluebird after fresh. Full of great food, people, riders, events and activities for all ages while enjoying spring riding at 10,000 feet in May. This event has been getting bigger and bigger each year. Proceeds benefit the Colorado Snowmobile Association including snowmobile programs around the state. Spring Flinger's started and supported the Beacon Checkpoint program while last year paying for the insurance for every grooming club in Colorado with $22,000 raised. Events like these are such a positive boon to our sport in so many ways. Thank you to a very dedicated Brandon Tudizzle Cox, all the volunteers pulling this off, and every attendant for showing your love of snowmobiling! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
April 29, 2019 | 02:01 pm
Thank You to the Trail Hosts, your time and energy contribute to making Grand Lake a great place to ride! This group of volunteers, wearing highly visible vests, donated 575 hours of their time riding the trails and assisting other snowmobilers. In addition, they help with keeping signs visible, reporting on trail issues, picking up litter and lost objects, and supporting on accidents if needed. Probably missing some of the other matters they see and take care of out there. Individuals track hours, contacts and incidents then report monthly to Gene on the Grand Lake Trail Grooming board; he has been excellent at organizing the program, from gathering new participants through the final data report at the end of the season. Thank you Gene for your dedication to this program! Hours, incidents, and contacts are reported to the Forest Service, a beneficial display of support from the snowmobiling community to keep us riding these areas in the future. Trail Host hours can also be useful when writing grants, showing strong local volunteer support for our organization and snowmobiling at large. We look forward to seeing all of the Trail Hosts return as well as adding some new faces next season. Thank you for all you do on our trail system! Groomer phone: 970) 531-8872
April 18, 2019 | 04:18 pm
Finally got to meet the guy that helps take care of the trails.. We absolutely appreciate the hard work and hrs you all put in to make our time on the mountain awesome.. I think I speak for us all when I say thank you thank you.. Cant wait for next year.
April 18, 2019 | 01:45 am
That's a season wrap for grooming. You can still ride as long as you are on 6" of snow, and upper areas are still deep. Thank you to those who visited Grand Lake throughout the season. We appreciate all the guests to our little winter community at the end of the road. Looking forward to new and returning guests alike for next season! Grooming operations took place from November 19th, 2018 to April 14th, 2018 with the Grand Lake town trail open from December 1st to April 1st. Spent 126 nights rearranging snow flakes with 991 snowcat hours, and an extra 250 hours in everything else that is demanded for grooming over 6,500 miles this season. The work doesn't stop when the snow does! There is still extensive grant writing, summer equipment/ building/ sign/ trail maintenance, meetings, trail cleanups, emails, phone calls and more to be taken care of in the months before winter returns. In addition, all other board members also have projects for which they are volunteering their valuable time over the summer, some that can be very challenging. A big thank you to them and their dedication to snowmobiling in Grand Lake! Summer is great in Grand Lake, hardly needs promoting; here are two great pictures from 18/19 (photo credit to Jeremy Mercier on the first one,) trying to entice you to return for next winter! Thank you all! Groomer phone (970) 531-8872
April 14, 2019 | 08:59 am
Why did everyone turn around? Sherman finally slid. Commonly a high debris avavlanche as it comes through the trees, so don't dig in too deep. Looks like wet slab that refroze, so probably happened around Teusday. Pretty small relative to the path, I've seen these as a full connected avalanche in the past.
April 14, 2019 | 08:39 am
I am missing grooming already.... Snowed all morning, riders reported knee deep snow at upper elevations today, where winter returned with new snow and cooler temperatures over the past 4 days. Very nice to be grooming this type of snow in mid-April, and trails are amazing for spring. Off trail was good today, and will be similar tomorrow morning, maybe add in forecasted bluebird. About 2 dozen vehicles between Idleglen (nearly snow covered today) and the Kawuneeche berm. Thank you all for riding Grand Lake, pack up that parking lot again tomorrow! Took the newer cat with a larger fuel tank and groomed 63 miles, spreading out coverage before our Forest Service permit ends (4/15.) Out on Stillwater, which is thin but covered the first mile before vastly improving. Around Gold Run, through Gravel and down/up the north side of Stillwater Pass to Vagabond Ranch, this will hold snow a long time. Down to Intersection "I," up Pony Park trail, around the Figure-8 and back to Idleglen on middle and lower Kawuneeche. Miles of fresh ribbon out there for the taking (picture #4 and #6,) with the 5th picture of all the untouched snow on the popular side of Gravel. The first five pictures taken at the trail high point on Gravel where the cat is sitting on snow deep enough it will be there in late September. Get out to enjoy fresh snow and great trails with a bluebird spring Sunday on it's way! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
April 14, 2019 | 07:52 am
Please do not leave your dead sled in the middle of the groomed trail! Notice that the groomed trail (Shortcuts) in the picture and the cat are the same width, and the cat is longer than the trail is wide, so I can't turn around. I am only one person in a cat and if I can't move it I have no choice but to blade it off the trail into the trees, don't be that guy/girl...
April 12, 2019 | 07:08 am
Snow showers continued at middle and upper elevations with a dusting down low and 3-6" new up high in the last 24 hours. Temperatures stayed cool all day and in the mid teens tonight with light snow showers. Kawuneeche out of Idleglen remains fully covered, Stillwater has some exposed dirt just after the berm; we snow cover this when grooming, but it'll show up if the sun is shining. Off trail improved with some recent fresh snow and cooler temperatures. Groomed from Idleglen to Stillwater Pass, going through the decks of Gravel in blowing wind and fast moving clouds. Up Pony Park trail, around the Figure-8, and back to Idleglen on Kawuneeche. Kawuneeche will see the longest life during spring, so spent some time farming snow during three passes from intersection "N" to Idleglen. First picture taken at the top of South Supply, looking good for 4/12 and the light bar. Sunsets are usually beautiful during April, get out and experience it! Last weekend for grooming as our Forest Service permit ends on April 15th, although you can ride on the snow past that date. Would be glad to see Idleglen full of vehicles this weekend, and Grand Lake businesses welcome you as well! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
April 11, 2019 | 05:40 am
A couple inches of new on top of snow down low, nothing stuck if it didn't fall on snow pack. About 8" of new snow at middle and upper elevations. It didn't start cooling off until about 9:30 am, took a bit longer to get workable snow. New snow covered any thin or exposed spots, all white out the back of the cat. Definitely collapsing and drop-outs on the trail at lower, southern facing aspects, but didn't take long to leave that behind. South facing areas have seen some sun and heat in the last 5 days, north facing and upper areas still somewhat protected. Signs have been removed but we left a trail to follow as shown in the first picture below. Groomed lower Stillwater through Gravel from the south and down to intersection "I" to head up Pony Park trail. Around the Figure-8, and down middle and lower Kawuneeche to Idleglen. Kawuneeche is the better trail from Idleglen. Coldest night in a week with upper single digit temperatures and scattered clouds. Our grooming permit with the Forest Service ends on April 15th, though you can still ride on snow after grooming ends. For now, it's April 11th and full groomed coverage out of Idleglen to access the high alpine! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
April 07, 2019 | 07:34 am
A heavy dusting of snow at upper elevations and the lightest dusting down low. Partly cloudy skies with 28° at 1:45 am. Snow came through in quick squalls tonight, accompanied by short bursts of high winds and clouds/fog, first 3 pictures. Upper trails remain in good spring shape, while lower trails can show more effects of April. A bit of snirt the first 50 yards past the berm on Stillwater, then full coverage with no exposed water and looking excellent for April 7th. Kawuneeche has full coverage from the berm, which we started out on tonight. Up North Supply Loop, down Pony Park trail, through Gravel and down lower Stillwater to Idleglen. Picked up most of the signs, one more night and we will be complete. All pictures above 10,250ft, aim for this elevation or higher for better conditions. Fourth picture showing the definition of dust on crust, and the grooming left behind in the fifth. Great crowd in Idleglen today, last picture, with another 7 vehicles parked at Kawuneeche trailhead (avoiding the parking lot mud) just down the road. Great to see all the riders, and a few hikers, enjoying April on the snow; thank you for visiting Grand Lake's trail system! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
April 06, 2019 | 07:16 am
Spring riding with solid, ice scratcher, explorable snow in the early morning giving way to softer corn and eventually slush through the day. Warm days and just below freezing at night during the past week. Full coverage from Idleglen on both trails for tomorrow. Lower Stillwater still looking fine with no exposed water on the trail, reinforced just after the berm with snow. Pulled some more signs tonight, but still just enough poles to help navigate Gravel and above tree line areas for tomorrow. Also still some intersection signs out to help navigation. In other areas where signs have been removed, you can look for the groomed path or "corduroy" (pictures) in the snow. Tonight went out on Kawuneeche, up North Supply Loop, down to "E," through Willow and down Pony Park trail. Around Gravel from north and back to Idleglen on lower Stillwater. Some nice trails for April 6th as shown in the pictures below. Higher elevations are holding the better conditions for riding this weekend. Lower elevations are quicker to succumb to the spring temperatures, so head up top for great views, better snow or both! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
April 04, 2019 | 07:18 am
Highest of elevations received 4-6" in the last 24 hours, no new snow down low. Tonight it's a balmy 29° at 1:30am under cloudy skies. Spring conditions with cold mornings leaving solid snow (bring your ice scratchers,) until the sun and/or warm temperatures starts the transition to corn and finally slush. Finally found the magic hour on lower Stillwater, which was about midnight, it looks great for April 4th with no exposed water. Full snow coverage on both trails leaving Idleglen. Started picking up signs tonight. Intersections signs around Gravel, some directional orange signs, and stop and stop ahead signs on the Shortcuts have been removed. We left every other pole over Gravel so it can be easily navigated this weekend. Still about 2-3 nights picking signs and grooming, come out and enjoy it! Groomed lower and middle Kawuneeche, Shortcuts, and North Supply Loop, which is the flattest of the Figure-8. Down Pony Park trail, through Gravel from the south, up to Stillwater Pass and back to Idleglen on lower Stillwater. Trails are good and get even flatter as elevation is gained. Explore-a-snow in the morning giving way to softer snow as the sun shines. A few shots from the night showing fresh in front and groomed out the back. While town trail is closed, businesses remain welcoming to guests, get some riding in this weekend! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
April 02, 2019 | 04:44 pm
An incredible, can't miss event on May 4th, 2019 at Rabbit Ears Pass Colorado, with the benefit of assisting funding for the Colorado Snowmobile Association and the trails you enjoy. Events by people like this are part of the exciting future of our sport. Last year's donations paid for the insurance of every club in Colorado, translating to extra money for winter trail maintenance all over the state. Help fund the sport you love during a day jam packed with snowmobiling fun for all ages!
April 01, 2019 | 07:46 am
About an inch in the last 24 hours, mostly up by Gravel. Very good spring riding available around the high country of Colorado, last picture from Jeremy Mercier. Explore and climb in the mornings on a solid snowpack, then enjoy the sun on corn snow trails in the afternoon. Groomers are in excellent shape for cracking open April, full coverage leaving from Idleglen, leading to that nice spring alpine riding. Grand Lake town trail will be closing tomorrow morning after being open from December 1st to April 1st. A big thank you to the staff at Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park for all their time and effort on this very important trail for the town Grand Lake in the winter! We'll start peeling some signs off the mountain this week, grooming while we do it which will maintain the great trail conditions. Last to come off will be the poles across above treeline areas so riders can navigate the trail. We plan on grooming for the coming weekend. Tonight started on lower and middle Kawuneeche, around the Figure-8, down Pony Park trail, decked out Gravel, around Gold Run and back to Idleglen on lower Stillwater. While town trail may be closed, Grand Lake is still welcoming of visiting winter enthusiasts. First 2 pictures display some of the miles of ribbon ready to ride! Groomer phone (970) 531-8872
March 31, 2019 | 08:44 am
Idleglen parking lot packed and overflowing down the road, even a truck and 4 place+ riding from our shop at intersection "M." Great to see everyone out enjoying winter for as long as it happens! Just into the single digits under a clear sky at 2:45am after a 40°+ day and a few inches of fresh from Friday night. Spring conditions prevail, solid in the morning with slush appearing as the sun grabs the snow. Trails out of Idleglen showing full coverage with no exposed water. Threw some more snow at the south facing bank of lower Stillwater for reinforcement. Groomed out on lower Kawuneeche and North and South Supply to "A," below which puddles in the trail make grooming inefficient at best. Across middle Kawuneeche, around the Figure-8, and down Pony Park trail. Through Gravel from the north, grooming both Gold Run and "X" to "Y," up to "I" to meet the pass out of Pony Park and back to Idleglen on lower Stillwater. Spent some extra time on lower Stillwater, which was beaten out from a sunny, busy Saturday in Idleglen. Picture of our 2015 Bison X, acquired with a great sales experience earlier this season from Mountain States Snowcats; check them out if your in the market for a used snowcat. Barely missed the alpenglow tonight. A nice day of spring riding on tap for tomorrow, get out and have fun on the snow! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
March 30, 2019 | 07:22 am
Been moving snow toward the south facing bank of lower Stillwater all season for the pay off seen tonight; not a single puddle or even spot of translucent snow on March 30th. Beautiful!! Kawuneeche is also devoid of exposed free water so both trails from Idleglen are fully snow covered and looking ready for riding tomorrow. Double passed the first mile out of Idleglen on Stillwater and Kawuneeche. Several puddles in the trail below intersection "A," got down to the bottom of the upper Spur trail tonight before snow started falling apart. Although town trail through the Park is open for this weekend, below Hwy 34 is thin and icy, while to the west, County Rd 492 is down to mud due to plowing. Groomed lower and middle Kawuneeche, North and South Supply as close to the Forest Border as we could get, and around the flattened out Figure-8. Down Pony Park trail, through Gravel from the north (time lapse above tree line,) groomed middle Stillwater to meet the pass out of Pony Park, and back to Idleglen on lower Stillwater. Perhaps an inch of new snow up high, nothing new down low. Spring riding everywhere with solid snow early and softening as the sun shines. Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
March 26, 2019 | 08:03 am
Spring riding in full force with cold, solid mornings giving way quickly to softening snow as the sun shines bright. Upper elevations haven't seen as much warmth yet and have a great base. Lower areas have been seeing some melting towards Grand Lake. Town trail is open, but snow is falling apart fast below Hwy 34 and Cty Rd 492 at the west end has melted to mud due to plowing. Trails leaving from Idleglen are fully covered, and after the first 1/2 mile out of Idleglen both Stillwater and Kawuneeche start to flatten out. Tonight groomed out on Kawuneeche and did two passes each on both North and South Supply to the Forest Border. Around the Figure-8 with all looking flat. Down Pony Park trail, through Gravel, around Gold Run and groomed out lower Stillwater to Idleglen. Come and get some riding on our great base around the Grand Lake trail system! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
March 25, 2019 | 10:01 am
A nice little 4am storm rolling through at all elevations. About an inch down low, and 2-4 inches up high in the last 24 hours that is surprisingly light for the temperatures, easily brushed off the cat. Took a while to cool off tonight with sustained cloud cover, and lower elevations didn't want to concede. New snow covered most tracks up high from today, and was creating waves above tree line (Gravel in the time lapse.) Mid and upper trails still holding out well while lower trails saw the effects of warm weather and traffic today. Groomed out on Kawuneeche, up and down South Supply until snow got wet and sticky around intersection "A." Across middle Kawuneeche, around the Figure-8, and down Pony Park trail. Up to Stillwater Pass, down to intersection "S," and back to the Pass to go through Gravel. Back to Idleglen on Stillwater, doubling up on a couple sections ridden wide. Tomorrow could offer some decent riding for late March, especially in the morning; ride the fresh before the sun does! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
March 24, 2019 | 08:11 am
Cloudy with a few flurries rolling through during a warm and busy Saturday. A few inches of new snow in the last 48 hours at most elevations. Cleared off later tonight with 11° at 2:15 am. Still some untouched areas of Gravel visible through the windshield tonight. Middle and upper trails are holding out well and looking good. Lower trails can get rough from warmth and exposure during the day. Conditions improve about a mile or so from the trailheads. Town trail is great through Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park, however it's bordered by not much snow below Hwy 34 and Cty Rd 492 down to mud due to plowing for 1/2 a mile. Trails leaving Idleglen are fully covered, the first mile out on Stillwater can be bumpy on inside corners, with improvement as elevation is gained and southern exposure lost. Groomed lower Stillwater, doubling up on the first mile and some other ridden out sections. Decked out Gravel from the south, up to Stillwater Pass before heading down to intersection "K" and going up Pony Park trail. Around the Figure-8, down to the Golf Course Rd. at the edge of Grand Lake using North and South Supply. Back to Idleglen on lower Kawuneeche. Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872