October 31, 2019 | 01:02 am
Nice little three day snow event with about a foot around Lake Granby and up into Grand Lake. Very cold for October with 2° at sunset, and looking like below zero for tomorrow morning. Second picture showing the mist that's been rising from Lake Granby all day. I've heard reports of around 20" up high, and cornices with several feet of snow starting to form. Snow is very light and easily moved by the wind. It's still hunting season with gates open out of Idleglen and all other trailheads for summer season wheeled vehicle access. Snowmobilers have been out on some of the roads with the recent snowfall. Our grooming permit with the Forest Service doesn't start until the end of hunting season; the first day we could begin packing and signing is November 18th. Looking forward to a great season of snow and riding in Grand Lake! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
October 28, 2019 | 12:02 am
Thank you to everyone who came out to help with the town snow fence, and especially to the town of Grand Lake Public Works for sending two people to help. All of the fence was up within two hours, and poles finished later that day. Snow up high but not much down low yet, picture from Friday morning. Hunting seasons continue until November 18th when we can start packing and signing if snow conditions allow. Looking forward to some more snow to increase our early season base at elevation. Please join CSA or renew your CSA membership and include Grand Lake Trail Grooming as an additional club for $15, thank you! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
October 16, 2019 | 03:31 pm
We are scheduling to put up the snow fence in town on Friday, October 25th at 10am and welcome any volunteers. We’ll meet at the corner of Highway 34 and the Gateway Inn driveway. Bring work gloves and dress for the weather. Depends upon how many people, but usually takes about 2.5 hours. On Saturday, October 19th at 11am the Grand Lake Trail Blazers will hold their annual highway cleanup at 11am, believe the group will meet at the corner of Highway 34 and County Road 4. All help is greatly appreciated, thank you. A month away from the start of packing and signing trails if we've got the snow, and looking forward to it! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
October 16, 2019 | 03:07 pm
Snowmobile safety course offered by Mile Hi Snowmobile Club.
October 10, 2019 | 11:55 pm
A nice coat of white today at 8300' reminding us of the great season on it’s way! Snowmobile clubs are gearing up for winter; please become a club member or donate when renewing your Colorado Snowmobile Association membership. Conditions permitting, packing and signing can begin on parts of the Grand Lake trail system on November 18th. Looking forward to some snow and sledding!
September 20, 2019 | 12:20 am
Changing leaves contributing to a beautiful mid September in the mountains! Cool nights and warm days make for great weather to enjoy Grand Lake. We are looking forward to winter and continue getting ready for the coming season. Also got out into Blue Ridge for some cleanup on the climbs and through the meadows. IPhone 8 plus (probably) found at the bottom of one of the climbs, charges and powers on. If the owner is out there with the lock code, we can confirm it's your phone and get it back to you. Last picture of the day's haul. Snowfall is on the way, plan to visit Grand Lake this snowmobile season! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
September 15, 2019 | 01:53 pm
Changing leaves contributing to a beautiful mid September in the mountains! Cool nights and warm days make for great weather to enjoy Grand Lake. We are looking forward to winter and continue getting ready for the coming season. Also got out into Blue Ridge for some cleanup on the climbs and through the meadows. IPhone 8 plus (probably) found at the bottom of one of the climbs, charges and powers on. If the owner is out there with the lock code, we can confirm it's your phone and get it back to you. Last picture of the day's haul. Snowfall is on the way, plan to visit Grand Lake this snowmobile season! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
September 01, 2019 | 02:36 pm
Beautiful August in the mountains, with warm days and cooling nights. Ground cover is changing and north facing aspens along the lake are starting to show autumn. The first picture shows slide paths from last year left of the peak. Found a Samsung J3 Prime T-Mobile phone while cleaning up Chicken Hill, let us know the lock code and we can mail it to the owner. Less trash and debris then last year, it's great to see improvement. Thank you to everyone that cleans up, even just a little extra helps, when enjoying our public lands, it's not just us out there! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
September 01, 2019 | 02:08 pm
Looking forward to this coat of white again, get ready to ride!
September 01, 2019 | 02:02 pm
Aspen leaves along Arapahoe Bay road are showing a changing season!
August 16, 2019 | 02:19 pm
Wildflowers are blooming in and around Grand Lake. First picture is a section of snowmobile trail in August that isn't motorized use in the summer. As a frozen, snow covered trail this accommodates 10's of thousands of sleds and a 20,000 lb snowcat 4-5 days a week for 5+ months. Almost every non-winter user group will have a more visible impact on the ground than what you see in the first picture. By riding responsibly and removing anything you decide to bring snowmobiling (Leave No Trace,) we can be one of the least impactful user groups in the forest! Trail cleanups continue on the main climbing faces and into the adjacent trees of Gravel Mountain. It's been nice to see the improvement over the last few years; large group cleanups play a big role as well. Thanks to all participants! Some may not realize that released helium balloons have to come down somewhere, and unfortunately can end up as litter in the mountains. Please take a minute to understand that trash breaks down very slowly at our high altitudes and low oxygen levels. The companies telling you their product is biodegradable are not taking into account our elevation and long frozen winters. Decomposition can take decades in the high continental mountains. If you don't want to carry it out of the forest, don't pack it on your ride, thank you. The best of our four seasons approaches, get ready to snowmobile Grand Lake! (970) 531-8872
July 30, 2019 | 05:05 am
If you need a place to stay in Grand Lake this winter, consider booking now!. Our home is near the best trails in Grand Lake....check us out in the Columbine Community:
July 27, 2019 | 02:10 am
Great summer weather continues in Grand Lake! Some snow still remains at upper elevation, with the pond and cornice of Little Gravel in the first picture. Mama Moose and babies seem to be all over the place this year, in Willow Park for the second picture. Groomed trail that was clear of downfall last year in the 3rd picture; we’ll get it cut out again in November. Cleanup trips to the Chicken Hill area (4) and Little Gravel meadow (5) below. Compared to pictures 3 years ago, we are making a difference with less total debris each year. Included a map of the GPS hiking track for searching below Little Gravel (6.) Last picture collected when parking to hike into Little Gravel. Guessing a couple hundred shell casings and Coors targets all from just one pull out/campsite. Please take it out if you bring it in. If your visiting Grand Lake now, think about coming back when we become a snow globe! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
July 21, 2019 | 02:38 pm
Summer time is here and beautiful! Still some snow at upper elevations; many will probably recognize the first picture. Last two pictures with results of collection on the north side of Gravel and Pony Park Meadows, and then Hot Dog Park, Willow Park, and Porphyry lookout. Snowmobile clubs don't stop when the snow does. Equipment maintenance, grant writing, paperwork, meetings, trail cleanups and more continue through the warmer months to keep us prepared for the glory of winter in Grand Lake! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
June 22, 2019 | 01:16 pm
It's Beautiful! Longest day if the year?... Let it snow! Gravel still blanketed, wonder where it gets rideable?
June 02, 2019 | 03:25 pm
Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park progress...
May 30, 2019 | 02:56 pm
We'd love to have you stay with us this winter!
May 26, 2019 | 02:54 pm
Avalanche debris fields near Grand Lake, CO at 9300 feet, May 25th, first two pictures face south.
May 26, 2019 | 02:19 pm
Grooming from the past, happened just 40 minutes south of Grand Lake in Winter Park. Check out that snow flying around behind them!
May 10, 2019 | 02:20 am
Thank you to Spring Fling, Brandon Tudizzle Cox, and all the participants for this incredible show of support! Dedicated and enthusiastic people like Brandon and all those involved in Spring Fling are pushing our sport forward. The incredible display of numbers in funds, sleds and participation serves to strengthen Colorado snowmobiling for everyone. The event is expanding each year and becoming an end of season ritual for some, come out next year and see what it's all about!
May 02, 2019 | 02:25 pm
"May the 4th be With You" Spring Fling, May 4th 2019, Rabbit Ears, Colorado! This is turning into a "can't miss" annual event for snowmobilers in Colorado, and word is quickly spreading to riders across the nation. Looking like it's going to be a great time on Rabbit Ears with some classic bluebird after fresh. Full of great food, people, riders, events and activities for all ages while enjoying spring riding at 10,000 feet in May. This event has been getting bigger and bigger each year. Proceeds benefit the Colorado Snowmobile Association including snowmobile programs around the state. Spring Flinger's started and supported the Beacon Checkpoint program while last year paying for the insurance for every grooming club in Colorado with $22,000 raised. Events like these are such a positive boon to our sport in so many ways. Thank you to a very dedicated Brandon Tudizzle Cox, all the volunteers pulling this off, and every attendant for showing your love of snowmobiling! Groomer phone: (970) 531-8872
April 29, 2019 | 02:01 pm
Thank You to the Trail Hosts, your time and energy contribute to making Grand Lake a great place to ride! This group of volunteers, wearing highly visible vests, donated 575 hours of their time riding the trails and assisting other snowmobilers. In addition, they help with keeping signs visible, reporting on trail issues, picking up litter and lost objects, and supporting on accidents if needed. Probably missing some of the other matters they see and take care of out there. Individuals track hours, contacts and incidents then report monthly to Gene on the Grand Lake Trail Grooming board; he has been excellent at organizing the program, from gathering new participants through the final data report at the end of the season. Thank you Gene for your dedication to this program! Hours, incidents, and contacts are reported to the Forest Service, a beneficial display of support from the snowmobiling community to keep us riding these areas in the future. Trail Host hours can also be useful when writing grants, showing strong local volunteer support for our organization and snowmobiling at large. We look forward to seeing all of the Trail Hosts return as well as adding some new faces next season. Thank you for all you do on our trail system! Groomer phone: 970) 531-8872
April 18, 2019 | 04:18 pm
Finally got to meet the guy that helps take care of the trails.. We absolutely appreciate the hard work and hrs you all put in to make our time on the mountain awesome.. I think I speak for us all when I say thank you thank you.. Cant wait for next year.
April 18, 2019 | 01:45 am
That's a season wrap for grooming. You can still ride as long as you are on 6" of snow, and upper areas are still deep. Thank you to those who visited Grand Lake throughout the season. We appreciate all the guests to our little winter community at the end of the road. Looking forward to new and returning guests alike for next season! Grooming operations took place from November 19th, 2018 to April 14th, 2018 with the Grand Lake town trail open from December 1st to April 1st. Spent 126 nights rearranging snow flakes with 991 snowcat hours, and an extra 250 hours in everything else that is demanded for grooming over 6,500 miles this season. The work doesn't stop when the snow does! There is still extensive grant writing, summer equipment/ building/ sign/ trail maintenance, meetings, trail cleanups, emails, phone calls and more to be taken care of in the months before winter returns. In addition, all other board members also have projects for which they are volunteering their valuable time over the summer, some that can be very challenging. A big thank you to them and their dedication to snowmobiling in Grand Lake! Summer is great in Grand Lake, hardly needs promoting; here are two great pictures from 18/19 (photo credit to Jeremy Mercier on the first one,) trying to entice you to return for next winter! Thank you all! Groomer phone (970) 531-8872
April 14, 2019 | 08:59 am
Why did everyone turn around? Sherman finally slid. Commonly a high debris avavlanche as it comes through the trees, so don't dig in too deep. Looks like wet slab that refroze, so probably happened around Teusday. Pretty small relative to the path, I've seen these as a full connected avalanche in the past.